Dear Pastor or church leader, 

We are privileged to serve alongside you to provide biblical help for someone in your church. We believe that your people are your primary responsibility to shepherd and guide. If you are unable to provide them with the biblical counsel they need, then we want to help! As a condition of counseling at The Hope of Denver Biblical Counseling Center, we require that one of their pastors, elders, or deacons complete and submit to us the following Pastoral Recommendation form. This ensures us that they have sought your counsel and oversight and that you are either unwilling or unable to provide them with the in-depth discipleship or biblical counseling they need at this time. We will then step in to help, but at the end of our counseling, we will recommend that your congregant comes back to you for continual care and spiritual oversight. 

We also believe the counseling process is greatly aided if the counselee can bring someone from your church to attend the counseling with them to encourage them in the process (for couples seeking counseling we recommend an advocate couple).

Our counseling process is kept secure with integrity and the utmost confidence. We ask you to do the same. 

Thank you for caring for your people well. 

Person Seeking Counseling(Required)

The following to be completed by the individual's Pastor, Elder, or Deacon