About Us

A loving Team of counselors

The Hope of Denver Biblical Counseling Center is a ministry of Grace Chapel. We are a group of counselors who serve under the oversight of the leadership of the church to bring biblical solutions for life and living to those who live in South Denver. We desire to be used by God to speak His truth in love by providing free gospel-based, short-term biblical counseling. We know that the path to life is often steep and rough; at times, it is filled with pain and confusion. However, there are answers and practical ways you can find hope. We believe that the Bible is God’s all-sufficient guide for living. We believe that Jesus Christ is the way, truth, and life and by the power He provides us, we can find freedom and peace when facing non-organic life issues.


Our Ministry Focus

The Hope of Denver Biblical Counseling provides insight and instruction based solely on the Bible. Our ministry focus and purpose is to address spiritual and heart issues by short-term, goal-based, Biblebased counseling. Our counseling is provided by the Grace Chapel pastoral staff and The Hope of Denver biblical counselors. When we use the term “biblical counseling,” we are referring to counseling as intensive discipleship, trusting that the Bible has what we need to address and solve life’s problems. Our free counseling ministry is a way we can “love one another” as the Bible tells us to do (John 13:34).

The Hope of Denver Biblical Counseling is overseen by Grace Chapel

The Hope of Denver Biblical Counseling Center Ministry is a part of Grace Chapel’s ongoing service to South Denver. All  counseling provided submits to the authority of the Elders and doctrinally aligns with Grace Chapel. We believe the Church of Jesus Christ should provide counseling because He holds the answers for life and its the greatest way of showing love.

We Serve as Biblical Counselors, Not State-licensed Professionals

When serving in The Hope of Denver Biblical Counseling Center Ministry, our counselors provide biblically-based, spiritual insight on issues discussed. Our counselors are certified or pursuing certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. While some of our counselors may be licensed therapists with the state, serve as doctors, lawyers, or have other advanced training, when serving in our ministry, they are helping you solely as a biblical counselor. We believe the Bible is sufficient for life and living and use it as the basis for all counseling we provide. Although our counselors may be licensed or skilled in other areas, when they are serving at The Hope of Denver Counseling Center, they do not provide the same type of professional services as when they function professionally outside the church.

What can you expect when you meet with one of our counselors?

It is our goal to speak the truth and love and always both. We are here to help and guide you through the issues you face. While you may find a friend in your counselor, we are here to be more than simply a sounding board. We want to help you apply God’s solutions to your problems. There will be encouragement and love, but there will also admonishment and truth. With any of our counselors, you will find a person who is dedicated to showing you the highest level of love while standing firm on the Bible as a foundation for all the advice given.

We have created a facility that is warm and inviting to help you feel cared for and safe. We know that life often causes pain that needs to be met with a warm smile and a calming place. We believe our center provides an inviting space to hear the truth and find the help you are looking for, no matter the issue you are facing. Upon arriving to meet with your counselor for the first time, you will be greeted at our center and welcomed into one of our secure and sound-proof rooms with the counselor and (at times) a counseling associate. You will enjoy a meaningful conversation, be presented with biblical solutions and go home with clear next steps. Each subsequent session will remain focused on helping you and applying God’s solutions accurately.

Is it confidential?

We pride ourselves on being as confidential as possible. Our counselors have all agreed to keep the utmost confidentiality when working with you by signing both the Grace Chapel confidentiality agreement and the Standards of Conduct for The Association of Biblical Counselors.

Confidentiality is an important aspect of the counseling relationship. We will carefully guard any information you entrust to us. All communication between you and your counselor will be held in strict confidence unless you or a parent, in the case of a minor, give authorization to release this information. The exceptions to this would be:

  • If a person expresses intent to harm himself/herself or someone else.
  • If a sexual advance is made or the counselee asks the counselor to violate any element of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Standards of Conduct.
  • If there is evidence or reasonable suspicion of abuse against a minor child, elder person, or dependent adult.
  • If a subpoena or other court order is received directing the disclosure of information.
  • If our biblical counselors are consulting with their supervisor or other Hope of Denver counselors.
  • If a person persistently refuses to renounce a particular sin (habitual, unrepentant rebellion against the Word of God), and it becomes necessary to seek the assistance of others in the church to encourage repentance, restoration, and reconciliation (see Matthew 18:15-20).

Please be assured that our counselors prefer not to disclose any personal information to other and that they will make every effort to help you find ways to resolve a problem as privately as possible.


8505 S. Valley Highway
Englewood, CO 80112